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A Concise History of India


(and malcontents)

Chapter 1: Ancient/Classical India (Before 600 A.D.)
Chapter 2: Hindus and Moslems in Turmoil (600 to 1500)
Chapter 3: The Mogul Empire and the British Raj (1500 to 1906)
Chapter 4: Recent South Asian History


Chapter 1: Ancient/Classical India

Before 600 A.D.

The Indus Valley Civilization
The Vedic Age
The Man Who Woke Up
The Straightest, Narrowest Path
The Rise of Magadha
The Mauryan Empire
Invasions and Influence From the Northwest
The Gupta Empire


Chapter 2: Medieval India

or, Hindus and Moslems in Turmoil

600 to 1500

Harsha and His Successors
Early Sri Lanka
The Chola Empire
The Coming of Islam
The Sultanate of Delhi
The Bahmani Sultanate
Vijayanagar and the Arrival of the Portuguese
Sri Lanka: The Sinhalese Drift to the Southwest


Chapter 3: The Mogul Empire and the British Raj

1500 to 1906

Sufis and Sikhs
The Moguls Ascendant
The Mogul Zenith
Sri Lanka: The Kandyan Kingdom and European Intervention
The Moguls Besieged
The West Moves In
From Competitors to Conquerors
The British Impact and the Sepoy Mutiny
High Noon of the Raj
The Growth of Indian Nationalism


Chapter 4: Recent South Asian History

The Road to Independence
India Under the Nehru Dynasty
Is This the Indian Century?
Pakistan: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Pakistan in the War on Terror
Bangladesh: The Difficult Years Since Independence
Nepal: An Ex-Kingdom In the Clouds
Bhutan: A Real-Life Shangri-La?
Sri Lanka: Paradise Lost--and Regained?
Maldives: The Sunny Islands

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