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The Xenophile Historian

A Biblical Interpretation Of World History

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From 1984 to 2005 I taught a general world history course for my church, and in 1997 I was asked by my pastor to write a text to go with it. Most of the work was done by 2000, but then I got distracted by other events, and had a little trouble finding a publisher, so it wasn't published until 2008. Still, when I did the final proofreading, I only had to make a few slight changes to the text to keep it up to date. With all that has happened since the 1990s, especially the September 11 terrorist attacks, how many other history books can make the same claim?

Anyway, you can order the book by clicking on this link: , or by clicking on the book cover above.

(Update: The book is now available on, too!)

If you want read a sample of my work, here is Chapter 1 from the text. The footnotes and pictures were moved to the back of the book by the publisher, but otherwise everything is the same.

Chapter 1, HTML version

Chapter 1 as a PDF file

And here is the table of contents, so you know what else to expect. I hope you like what you read!


(and malcontents)

Chapter 1: Overview

Chapter 2: Before 3000 B.C.

Chapter 3: Early Civilization, A Short History Of The Middle East From 3000 To 1000 B.C.

Chapter 4: God's Vessel Of Revelation, Part I

Chapter 5: The Assyrian And Babylonian Empires

Chapter 6: The Persian Empire

Chapter 7: The Greek Empires

Chapter 8: Ancient Rome

Chapter 9: The Byzantine Or Eastern Roman Empire

Chapter 10: Ten Major Empires Since Rome

Chapter 11: Classical Greece And The Origins Of Humanism

Chapter 12: God's Vessel Of Revelation, Part II

Chapter 13: The New Age Of National Israel

Chapter 14: What's Next?

Appendix 1: Problems With Egyptian Chronology

Appendix 2: A List Of The Kings Who Ruled The Empires Described In Chapters 5-9

Appendix 3: A List Of Major Events In The History Of Islam


Finally, here are some extra pages that will help increase your understanding of the text:

About the Pictures & Maps

My Biblical Chronology, From Adam to the Exile

(The last paper is from The Genesis Chronicles folder)

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