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A History of Russia


(and malcontents)

Chapter 1: Before the Russians (Before 862)
Chapter 2: Kievan Russia (862 to 1300)
Chapter 3: Muscovite Russia (1300 to 1682)
Chapter 4: Imperial Russia (1682 to 1917)
Chapter 5: Soviet Russia (1917 to 1991)
Chapter 6: Commonwealth Russia (1985 to 1999)


Chapter 1: Before the Russians

Before 862 A.D.

The First Steppe Lords
The Cimmerians
The Scythians
The Sarmatians
The Kingdom of the Cimmerian Bosporus
The Goths
The Huns
The Avars
The Rise of the Bulgars
The Khazars
The Magyars and Petchenegs
The Main Ingredients -- The Slavs and Varangians

Chapter 2: Kievan Russia

862 to 1300

The Kievan Principality
A Christian Russia
The Decline of Kiev
The Mongol Conquest
The Baltic Crusades Begin
Alexander Nevsky
The Golden Horde

Chapter 3: Muscovite Russia

1300 to 1682

The Rise of Lithuania
The Rise of Muscovy
The Golden Horde Breaks Up
Ivan the Great
Ivan the Terrible
North to the Orient
The Time of Troubles
The Conquest of Siberia
Russia Under the Early Romanovs


Chapter 4: Imperial Russia

1682 to 1917

Peter the Great
Catherine the Great
Russian America
Napoleon and Alexander
"Autocracy, Orthodoxy, and Nationalism"
The Crimean War
The Liberation of the Serfs
Alexander III
Nicholas II and the Birth of Marxism-Leninism
The 1905 Revolution
World War I
Imperial Russia In Color


Chapter 5: Soviet Russia

1917 to 1991

Part I

The February Revolution and the Provisional Government
The Bolsheviks Take Over
The Russian Civil War
The Russo-Polish War and the Comintern
The New Economic Policy
The Struggle to Succeed Lenin

Part II

The Nightmare of Stalinism Begins
Prelude to World War II
The Winter War
"The Great Patriotic War"
       Operation Barbarossa
       Stalingrad: The Turning Point
       The Battle Of Kursk
       Crushing the Third Reich

Part III

The Cold War Begins
Recompression at Home
The Khrushchev Years
Brezhnev Takes Charge
Foreign Policy: The Brezhnev Doctrine & Détente
Gerontocracy Triumphant
Gorbachev's Experiment
The Union of Fewer and Fewer Republics


Chapter 6: Commonwealth Russia

1985 to 1999

After the Implosion
Belarus: Back in the USSR
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania: The Western Pacesetters
Moldovia: The State with an Identity Crisis
Ukraine: An Awakening Giant?
Hard Times for the Russian Bear

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