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A History of the South Pacific


(and malcontents)

Chapter 1: Of Lands and Seas, A Prehistoric Age of Exploration (Before 1500 A.D.)
Chapter 2: Terra Australis Incognita (1500 to 1781)
Chapter 3: Pulled Into the Modern World (1781 to 1914)
Chapter 4: The Great Pacific War (1914 to 1945)
Chapter 5: Oceania Since 1945
Chapter 6: A History of Antarctica (so far)


Chapter 1: Of Lands and Seas, A Prehistoric Age of Exploration

Before 1500 A.D.

Pacific Geography
From Sunda-Land to Sahul-Land
The Melanesians
Early Austronesian Migrations
The Polynesian Expeditions
Polynesian Cultures
The Micronesians
The Tu'i Tongan "Empire"
Nan Madol
The Easter Island Mystery -- Solved


Chapter 2: Terra Australis Incognita

1500 to 1781

Demographics at the Time of the European Arrival
The Mysterious Southern Continent
Did Spain Discover Hawaii First?
The Spanish Lake
Early Expeditions to Australia
Pohnpei Liberated
The Discovery of Easter Island
The Discovery of Tahiti
Captain Cook
       The First Voyage
       The Second Voyage
       The Third Voyage


Chapter 3: Pulled Into the Modern World

1781 to 1914

Part I

Botany Bay
Mutiny on the Bounty
New Holland Becomes Australia
The Impact of Western Contact
       The Traders and Whalers
       The Missionaries
Unrest In the Islands
       The Society Islands
Kamehameha the Great
Australia Developing
The Last of the Tasmanians

Part II

Britain Claims New Zealand
The Tahitian Kingdom
A French Foothold on New Caledonia
The Maori Wars
       The Wairau Massacre, the Bay of Islands War, and the Wellington/Whanganui Battles
       The Taranaki Wars
The Kingdom of Hawaii
       Kamehameha II
       Kamehameha III
       Kamehameha IV
       Kamehameha V
       William Lunalilo and David Kalakaua
There's Gold Down Under . . .
. . . And in New Zealand, Too

Part III

Tonga: The Restored Monarchy
Cakobau Unites and Delivers Fiji to Britain
The Unification and Division of Samoa
Taming the Outback
       Ludwig Leichhardt
       Edmund Kennedy
       The Gregory Brothers
       The Burke and Wills Expedition
       John Stuart
       And the Rest
       The Bush Culture

Part IV

Dividing What's Left
Hawaii, USA
America's Imperialist Adventure
Australia: Six Colonies = One Commonwealth
New Zealand Follows a Different Drummer


Chapter 4: The Great Pacific War

1914 to 1945

Part I

World War I: The Prologue
The Pacific Islands in the Interwar Period
The Interwar Years: Australia
The Cactus War and the Emu War
New Zealand: Between Liberal and Labour
"Under A Jarvis Moon"
The Flight of Amelia Earhart

Part II

The Pacific War Begins
From Pearl Harbor to the Coral Sea
The Battle of Midway: The Tide Turns
The New Guinea Campaign, Part 1
The New Guinea Campaign, Part 2
Climbing the Solomon Islands, and Part 3 of the New Guinea Campaign
The Pacific Drive
The Last Carrier vs. Carrier Battle
The End of the War is in Sight


Chapter 5: Oceania Since 1945

Part I

First, A Word on the Cargo Cults
The Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, and Nearby Atolls
Australia: The Menzies Era
Rabbits Gone Wild
Recolonial New Zealand

Part II

Independence Comes to the Islands
       Western New Guinea: From One Colonial Overlord to Another
       Western Samoa
       Nauru and Tonga
       Papua New Guinea
       The Solomon Islands
       Tuvalu and Kiribati
       The Free Association States

Part III

The Australian Constitutional Crisis
Australia in Recent Years
New Zealand: Labour and National Reforms

Part IV

The Smaller Island Nations Since Independence
       The Federated States of Micronesia (FSM), Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI), and Palau
       Fiji: Too Early to Tell
       Kiribati: Every Day and Every Year Begin Here
       Tuvalu: The First Nation to Go Under?
       Nauru: The Island That Lost its Future
       Papua New Guinea: A Troubled Young Nation
       Samoa: No Longer Western, But Looking Southwest
       The Solomon Islands: Are They A Nation Yet?
       Tonga: Itís Good to Be King
       Vanuatu: Harmony With Disunity
       New Caledonia: Unfinished Business
Conclusion for the Islands


Chapter 6: A History of Antarctica (so far)

(Not yet written)

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