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Here are various files (besides history texts) I have made for your benefit.

Most of these files have been zipped to reduce space and downloading time.

Back Issues of The Xenophile Historian Newsletter, (text only, zipped)

To download the archive, right-click on the link below the latest issue, pick "Save Target As..." from the menu that appears, and choose the location on your computer where you want it. The following issues are available:

  1. Issue #1 (October 2000).
  2. Issue #2 (May 2001).
  3. Issue #3 (March 2002).
  4. Issue #4 (August 2002).
  5. Issue #5 (May 2003).
  6. Issue #6 (November 2003).
  7. Issue #7 (June 2004).
  8. Issue #8 (January 2005).
  9. Issue #9 (June 2005).
  10. Issue #10 (November 2005).
  11. Issue #11 (May 2006).
  12. Issue #12 (February 2007).
  13. Issue #13 (January 2008).
  14. Issue #14 (October 2008).
  15. Issue #15 (October 2009).
  16. Issue #16 (December 2009).
  17. Issue #17 (April 2010).
  18. Issue #18 (May 2011).
  19. Issue #19 (September 2011).
  20. Issue #20 (March 2012).
  21. Issue #21 (November 2012).
  22. Issue #22 (June 2013).
  23. Issue #23 (November 2013).
  24. Issue #24 (November 2014).
  25. Issue #25 (April 2015).
  26. Issue #26 (February 2016).
  27. Issue #27 (July 2016).
  28. Issue #28 (November 2016).

Back Issues

PowerPoint Shows

In February 2001 I created a special PowerPoint 2000 presentation for my church, on how civilization spread over the ages, based on this map:

Map of the Spread of Civilization

Click here to download the presentation on civilization (225 KB).

Ten years later (February 2011), I gave a presentation on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, and made this PowerPoint show for it:

The Temple Mount (1.59 MB).

Note: To view the presentations, you will need PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer. PowerPoint Viewer is available as a free download from

Babylon Desktop Theme

In August 1999 I created a Babylonian-style desktop theme for my online friends. The files take up 1.56 megs when unzipped. If you have Microsoft Plus!, you can use this theme on your computer. It works with Windows 98 and ME; it should also work in Windows XP, but the files need to go in a different location.

For those who are curious, the new icons represent a hand holding a clay tablet (My Computer), a basket of grain (Recycle Bin), and a ziggurat (Network).


Download and unzip the file, and make sure all its contents go into the following directory:
C:\Program Files\Plus!\Themes\
If you keep your themes elsewhere, you'll have to get a text editor and modify the main file of the theme accordingly, or just create a new folder in that location. Then open up "Control Panel" from the "My Computer Icon," go to the Theme Icon, and set it to "Babylon."

Download the Babylonian desktop theme here. (909 KB)

Here is a picture of how my own desktop looks, with the Babylonian theme on it.

Babylon Screen Saver

The Babylonian desktop theme does not have a screen saver, so in July 2001 I made one. Using 25 pictures and an authentic music file, it captures the majesty and mystery of ancient Mesopotamia. The screen saver and theme are meant to go together, but you can run one without the other.

Instructions for installation:

1. Download each of the following files:

The files will take up a combined total of 5.64 megs after downloading. Each zip file will fit on a floppy, should you need to transport them.

2. Use a zip/unzip utility, such as WinZip, to unzip the contents from each file.

3. Double-click on Babylonian_Screen_Saver.bat. This will merge all the files into one called Babylon.exe.

4. Double-click on Babylon.exe and the screen saver will install itself automatically.

5. Consult the readme.txt in the last zip file for more instructions on using the screen saver.

Civilization Downloads

My favorite computer game is Sid Meier's Civilization. In addition to the simulation of history, it allows you to create your own historical scenarios. I have created two scenarios for Civilization II.

The first scenario is a re-creation of the world before Noah's Flood, using the material I wrote for Chapter 9 of The Genesis Chronicles. If you have Civilization II, you may download the scenario here: (290 KB)

Here are two screen shots from the game:

Screen shot 1. A barbarian horde threatens the Children of Abel. Are they and the Children of Cain up to meeting this challenge?
Screen shot 2. By spending enough gold, we can beat the Nephilim to this. Is it worth it?

The second scenario re-enacts Southeast Asian history, up to the point when Europeans made their first contact. My source material is Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 from my Southeast Asian pages. (405 KB)

Screen shots:

Screen shot 3. As long as we control the seas, these islands will be ours.
Screen shot 4. This wonder looks good, but we'd better do something about those elephants first.

For more Civilization downloads and information, visit these Civilization sites.

Computer Class Downloads

From 2001 to 2006 I taught a computer course, "Technology For Educators" (EME2040), at a community college in Orlando, FL. Some of you might be interested in the PowerPoint presentations I showed in class, so here they are:

A Brief History of Teaching My Favorite Downloads
Introduction to PowerPoint Internet Milestones
URLs Search Engines!
Other Ways to Find Things Online Netiquette

I have scanned these files to make sure they contain no viruses. All of them are freeware, but I'll really appreciate it if you send me an e-mail or sign my guestbook to tell me how they work.

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